Thursday, March 29, 2012

One, Five, Many.....A Collaborative Work

Kveta Pacovska is a Czech illustrator who has only recently come to my attention.
Last year, when Arjun turned 2, he (we) received a book from friends of ours who had just returned from vacationing in Argentina.  It's a lovely, lovely book.  And the illustrations are incredible!  They are thought provoking and inspiring.  Since receiving this book, I have scouted out and purchased other books illustrated by the same artist.  I LOVE them!  They are wildly imaginative and very appealing and accessible to kids who are still drawing not so very representationally.  They are an excellent reminder of one of my favorite mottos in the art studio, which is:  "When you are an artist....you can do ANYTHING!"
When Arjun and I read these books we always set aside plenty of time as the pictures spark interesting conversations.
I do book related art projects with the Big Kids (K-3rd Grade) at my school, but this is the first literature inspired art project that Arjun and I have done together.  We've done literature inspired sewing projects in which Arjun helped with design and inspiration (Iggy Suit and Banjo Suit), but this is our first actual book-inspired fine art collaboration.  We are proud of our work!
Here are some Big Kid highlights inspired by The Little Flower King.