Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's my birthday!

Here's my present!

Probably.....I am the luckiest person ever.

A new shirt....

 Arjun and I made a shirt for my sister-in-law today, for her birthday.
 We chose the fabric together and used a shirt pattern that I made for myself a few weeks ago.  Cath said she liked it the other night at dinner, she also said she probably wouldn't have much occasion to wear such a shirt at home in England.
She still has a few weeks of her vacation left here so Arjun and I spent the morning stitching and designing.
After I had all of the pieces cut and laid out I asked Arjun what he thought.  He said, "It's really nice, Mom, but it needs a dragon."
A dragon?  Really?
 Hmmmmm.....then I thought about the Desigual clothing I've been loving so much lately.

They print and embroider right on top of other designs!  These clothes are COOL!
So we added a purple dragon AND a yellow lovebird.  Arjun's choices - both color and design.
He is an excellent collaborator!
I love it!  Hope Cath does too!

I will have more of these in the shop within the next few days for sure!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Arjun's garden

Arjun is a MUCH better gardener than I am.  He actually enjoys digging - ALL kinds of digging.....

and working and planting and watering.  In fact, I would say that he enjoys the work more than the end results.  I am the opposite.  I like the part when you relax and gaze upon the work already finished. .. The flowers blooming in the weeded and well watered garden....the brilliant red sliced tomato resting on a toasted bagel with cream cheese...the smell that the enormous tomato plant gives off when it is so large that you can't help rustling the leaves when you pass....mint tea...cut flowers.
Arjun and I make an excellent team.  This year he did all of the work.  He grew tomatoes, basil, mint, rosemary, sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias and morning glories.

He chose the seeds and he chose the plants.  He decided which would go where and he did all of the digging and planting and most of the watering.  I did the sniffing and smelling and gave them a drink when they looked thirsty and their caretaker was not around.

He's the coolest.