Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's my birthday!

Here's my present!

Probably.....I am the luckiest person ever.


  1. Totally awesome, Jan!!! Happy, happy birthday!! I love where you hung it!

  2. Beautiful!!! Love that you shared the process. Indeed you are lucky as is Arjun to have you :)

  3. Yes. We both feel lucky. He says so too. I love where it is hanging as well. I get to see it first thing in the morning when I wake up. It's cheery.
    The process is what makes it so very excellent! Arjun woke up the second morning that it was in the driveway and told me that he wanted to have a home day so that he could work on his picture. The whole time he kept saying, "I'm a good painter." and, "This is fun!"