Monday, July 25, 2011

Robot City

Robots are the big thing around here these days.  We are robots, we eat robot food and we do robot work.  We are good robots, not bad ones.  I have heard Arjun explaining this to the dinosaurs that live on our kitchen table.
Last week I made a robot screen using the photoemulsion method.  I wanted sharp lines and intricate details, otherwise I might have cut the initial screen from contact paper.  I have not yet figured out a foolproof way to burn these screens so I usually opt for cutting contact paper.  There are a lot of advantages to using the photoemulsion, though.  Including:  sharp details, the option of using bleach to discharge tthe dye out of the fabric rather than using ink to print it onto the surface....durability.  I'm sure there are more advantages that don't come immediately to mind.  Anyway.....this was a lucky day!  I burned three screens and each one was successful!  First time ever for that!  I attribute it as much to luck as to experience.  Hooray!
 So.  We printed a batch of robot shirts

 and robot underpants
and even a robot curtain.
 And now....it turns out...that Arjun cannot go to school - or any place else - without wearing at least one robot.

I have been interested in printing more than one color for some time now, but since I do my printing my hand, I always worry that getting the registration right will be too much trouble.  BUT, lately I have found myself admiring textiles and wall coverings from the 50s in which the registration is off - either intentionally or not - or insignificant, and I love the way it looks.

Arjun told me that he wanted the new curtain in his room to be yellow and black.  With robots.  So, I cut the silhouette of the robot screen out of contact paper and I tried two color printing for the first time.  I love it and so does he!

 Of course we had to make two color shirts and two color underpants....
I even snuck a robot onto the wall.


  1. Awesome, Jan! I love that you are "good" robots and not bad ones. And I love them on the underwear, too! Can't wait to see what you do next with some of those new ideas and inspirations you shared :0)