Saturday, July 30, 2011

A new shirt....

 Arjun and I made a shirt for my sister-in-law today, for her birthday.
 We chose the fabric together and used a shirt pattern that I made for myself a few weeks ago.  Cath said she liked it the other night at dinner, she also said she probably wouldn't have much occasion to wear such a shirt at home in England.
She still has a few weeks of her vacation left here so Arjun and I spent the morning stitching and designing.
After I had all of the pieces cut and laid out I asked Arjun what he thought.  He said, "It's really nice, Mom, but it needs a dragon."
A dragon?  Really?
 Hmmmmm.....then I thought about the Desigual clothing I've been loving so much lately.

They print and embroider right on top of other designs!  These clothes are COOL!
So we added a purple dragon AND a yellow lovebird.  Arjun's choices - both color and design.
He is an excellent collaborator!
I love it!  Hope Cath does too!

I will have more of these in the shop within the next few days for sure!

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