Sunday, June 19, 2011

"We are farmers. We are workers. We take care of animals......and ducks."

Arjun and I are looking after the animals at our friends' house while they are on vacation.  We are having a great and wonderful time.  It is like a "working" vacation for us, even though all of the work is fun to do. 
We are taking care of chickens, ducks, horses, rabbits, goats, dogs, a cat and two peacocks.

Our dog, Haarle, is here with us as well.  He is also enjoying himself.
Arjun loves all of the animals, but I think that he is particularly interested in the Mama duck who is sitting on her eggs.  Arjun says that she is "sniffing them.  Getting them ready to be ducklings."
One of our jobs is to get the chickens into their houses at night.  This was really easy the first night since it was stormy and rainy.  The second night it was perfectly lovely outside and I think we tried to get the chickens to go in before they were ready.  I wanted Arjun to be able to help me with this job because I knew he would love it.  He goes to bed at 7:30, but I think the chickens prefer to go in around 8:30.  Anyway, Arjun and I ended up trying to chase the chickens around the yard for about 15 minutes and Arjun, in all his trickiness, ended up getting covered in chicken poop - which he thought was very, very funny.  We did not convince the chickens to go inside until they were ready.
Another of Arjun's favorite things to do around here is make tea and food in "The Tiny House." 

 He likes to "cook for the guys in there."  Mostly they eat french toast, manzanas, tea and bread.

Oh yes, and there is a pool.......

Wish you were here.
Happy Father's Day all.

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