Monday, March 21, 2011

Dragon Shirts

Arjun and I each have a new favorite shirt!  Each one has a dragon on it and we can't get enough of them.  I've been trying to wash them as soon as we finish wearing them so that we can wear them again as soon as possible.  Perhaps we each need more than one?

Here's how we got them:

Somehow, I came across photographs of the beautiful batik work of Kate from Pink Bunny Batiks.  Most likely it was via the Dharma Trading Company website, but it could also have been through Etsy.  I cruise around both sites with frequency.  I ordered Arjun an adorable fish T-shirt - which he also loves - and asked Kate if she ever made dragon shirts.  She said that she hadn't ever, but that she'd be happy to try.


I stitched two white blanks for her and left the side seams and one shoulder seam open so that she could work flat.  Then I sent them off and waited impatiently for their return.  A few weeks later, the shirts came back to us and I stitched them up right away.  We are SO pleased!
Kate took pictures of the shirts as the work progressed.  I find them fascinating....

Here they are stitched together:
Arjun's shirt - front view  
Arjun's shirt - back view
My shirt - front view
My shirt back view
We've been sick for a few days, with mucky weather so we have limited photos of the shirts in use.

We are both already planning our second dragon shirts.  I want an olive colored one and Arjun says that his next dragon shirt will be pink.


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