Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovebird Dress for Lil Blu boo / Dharma Trading Co. Design Challenge

Here is the dress I am submitting to the Lil Blue Boo / Dharma Trading Design Challenge
Around Valentine's Day I designed a shirt for myself to wear to school.  I used the Iggy Suit screen to print designs on the sleeves and my own lacy heart screen for the heart design.  I love the shirt and I wear it a lot, but after I made it I thought the design might better suit a little girl's dress.
I happen to know an adorable little girl whose mother is a professional photographer, so we made a swap.  I stitched up a dress for Ariel and her mom took these fabulous photographs.
I designed both the shirt and the dress to have the red ties streaming down the back, so technically, the dress is being worn backwards in these pictures.  I think it works this way as well!

The neck line is adjustable and the dress is roomy.  I figure that a little girl can get a lot of use out of it this way.  She can wear it as a long dress until she needs to
let out the neck and wear it as a tunic with jeans.

Ariel is really an excellent model.  She very clearly knows what she's doing!

Here's a photo of Rigby wearing the dress facing forward....


  1. Jan, Melanie and Ariel,

    Fabulous! The design, the model and the photos! You sure wowed me! I'll take a few for my granddaughter. Happy restful break. Susan B.

  2. I have a seven year old who lusts for one of these dresses, I shall have to pursue this!

  3. I should have some in my Etsy shop by the end of the week!