Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Polder Sofa Suit

My clothing designs are influenced by everything around me - and by some things that I wish were around me.  I fell in LOVE with this sofa the very first moment that I saw it.  I have a tendency to fall deeply in love very, very quickly.

It will be some time before this sofa is likely to find it's rightful place in my home.  In the meantime, I have decided that the next best thing would be to dress my son as a Polder Sofa.
The unexpected combination of greens is what attracted my attention to this sofa initially.  I used several different t-shirts in different shades of green to form the base of this little suit.

This sofa was designed by Hella Jongerius.  She is currently one of my very favorite designers.  Down to the last detail.  Check out the choice of buttons!
In an effort to mimic the lines and details of the inspiration piece, I used freezer paper stencils and screen printing ink to add details to Arjun's suit.

 He's a good sport.  I think if he were to choose........he would order the sofa in red.  With dragon pillows.

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