Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 2

Well, I cut the tiny pieces for Arjun's Banjo pants out of deep pink and bright orange corduroy.  Modifying and changing the pattern as I snipped.

As I was cutting, I was thinking about the order of operations.  I will be using my new serger and learning how to use it as I go.  I'll be able to do decorative overlock stitches and reinforced seams.  I've never done those before.  Nervous and excited!
I am particularly excited about the shape of the pocket flaps, but when I realized that I wanted to line them and that the box containing my fun woven fabrics was in the room that Arjun is sleeping in I decided it was time for bed.  An hour (+?) well spent!

Actually, now that I study the color blocks, I think I need to go back up and cut orange pieces for the top back areas.  It should accentuate and add grace to the curve of the flaps.  Just a few more minutes?

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