Sunday, May 8, 2011

There is beauty in sorrow.

I read this morning that the Hyacinth flower is a symbol of sorrow.  Last fall, Arjun and I planted Grape Hyacinth bulbs in remembrance of someone that I miss daily.  Someone whose values, integrity, creativity, curiosity, generosity, sense of humor and sense of responsibility I admired - greatly.  I am hoping that those values will be passed on to Arjun.  Perhaps it skips a generation....

To me the hyacinths represent also the loss of another person whose integrity and ability to make responsible decisions seem to have slipped away with the passing of his father.  I mourn two losses at once.  I feel them deeply, I feel them every single day.  This sorrow is one of many sources of motivation I draw on in my constant effort to provide Arjun with the tools he will need to become a confident, creative, compassionate being.  Arjun himself is a true inspiration to me.  I celebrate his existence in everything I do.

The first surprise he had planned for me this Family Day morning was a picnic tea party.   By candlelight, of course.
Actually, we didn't have anything planned for today, so we took turns choosing activities.
After our tea party we went for a run with the stroller to see the newly hatched chickens at my school.  Arjun really likes chickens.  Next Arjun chose to play with the slide and the climber where we began to collect bits for our contact paper picture.  We searched in the park and strolled through the woods.

When our picture was finished we took turns photographing it in different ways.

Arjun fell asleep during the run home and napped in the stroller while I did yoga in the garden.
We went to see Rio in 3D and are now waiting for our lasagne to bake.
Who is luckier than me?
I love my boy!  Thanks for a great day My Love!

Happy Mother's Day to all!


  1. Beautiful and so inspiring. Brings back memories of a quieter time with Rosy. I love you.

  2. Sad and happy.
    Sweet and syrupy.
    I love you too.